About us


Al-Jazi Trading & Contracting was established in 1979 to offer various kinds of services, the most important is trading in gas pipelines and protection devices, in addition to providing solutions for the designs and combinations of central gas networks and protection systems.

DURING 35 years of its history the establishment specialized in designing and executing Liquid Petroleum Gas networks and security systems, paying the utmost attention to accuracy in execution and taking safety measures into account which are our main priorities, this was under the supervision of an integrated staff of managers, engineers , technicians , supervisors and skillful long experienced workers who work on finding practical solution for gas nets and their supplements (security devices and leakage detectors , consuming counters , high and low pressure regulators. Electrical and electronically control panels). And making supportive geometrical schemes and special studies for calculating the quantities by origins. All that was made to correspond to international standards and specifications approved by National Gas & Indust. Co. and Civil Defense.

Showing the ultimate care from the establishment to expand its services and solutions in the field of pipes dilatations for different projects which are concerned in air networks, we moved to work with one of the biggest companies that has wide knowledge in executing air nets and its accessories according to the best geometrical standards and workmanship basis, and with that and with the trust our customers offered us , we became-praise be to Allah- the major professional side in the field of designing dilatations of gas and air networks and the solutions related.


Fulfilling our commitments towards our clients and society to achieve the establishment vision through working hard to participate in offering solutions for designing and installing liquid petroleum gas central nets for various sectors.


We look forward to being the first & pioneer choice -through our customers trust in our service quality and credibility- in the field of designing air and LPG Networks dilatation and the solutions related to.